Meet our new Italian Stallion - Giovanni


Ciao Nuova Zelanda! United Machinists are excited to have a new member on the team all the way from Italy, Giovanni. He is from Verona, a small town in the northeast of Italy. Giovanni joined us in October with his family, including his wife Anna-maria and his son Nathan.

Giovanni’s previous experience included years of CNC programming for Italian machine shops, designing industrial sewing machines and automatic storage systems. He is our resident expert when it comes to working with Top Solid (a CAD/CAM software).

Giovanni loves the variety at United Machinists. One minute he is working on jet boat components for Scott Waterjet, and then the next minute he is working Shotover Camera Systems.

Giovanni and his wife love Dunedin, and the fact that they can walk to the beach in 2 minutes as they live in St Clair. They love that they can drive 20 minutes and be in a native New Zealand forest, or can be in a completely different landscape, something that is very different to Italy. Giovanni loves to be outdoors as he is an avid downhill mountain bike rider and snowboarder. Being a couple hour’s drive from Central Otago is a bonus too!

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