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Jonathan is our CMM specialist and primarily works with our brand new Vision CMM machine. Get to know him and the machine better by reading our two stories below.

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The CMM has two different ways in which it measures specific points on objects. It has the touch probe, which is used for high precision accuracy when measuring specific points.

It also uses a vision system, which uses a camera and a programable LED light ring to create a silhouette or contrast to highlight edges and shapes of objects, as well as illuminate surfaces to focus on. This is great for accurate measurements, and getting to places where a probe can’t easily,

The CMM enables United to measure parts with extreme accuracy.  This machine can measure down to 2 microns!

The CMM is the only one of it’s kind in the South Island and is one of a handful in New Zealand currently.

Jonathan is our CMM specialist and primarily works with our brand new Vision CMM machine. Jonathan has worked at United now for over 3 years.

He grew up in Dunedin where he did a pre-apprenticeship course (BMETS) at the Otago Polytechnic. He worked for Scott Technology for 3 years and was loaned out to United to help Alex, where he joined the team full time. He is currently in his 2nd year of completing a diploma in mechanical engineering as well as working on his advanced trade certificate.

Jonathan is the chief QA officer at United. He sees and handles all parts before they are shipped out to customers, checks for quality assurance, and packages them all up. He loves all the cool stuff United makes and enjoys that the parts United makes keep getting more complex.

Jonathan is a busy man in his spare time and helps out at the St John casualty simulation group, where he sets up various emergency services scenarios and training events. He is also the youngest member of the Royal Dunedin Male Choir. Jonathan is also an avid gamer, home brewer and distiller, whenever time permits.

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