Our New Crew

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We are excited to announce the establishment of new roles, along with the promotion of existing team members. The rejig has also seen United Machinists Director, Alex Ramsay, redefine his role. This has propelled our team into more leadership and advanced operation roles allowing for an increase in skills.

Until recently, Alex was the main point of contact for our clients. From quoting to scheduling, procurement, technical engineering and quality. It was an extremely busy role.
“Letting go of the reigns was a challenge because it’s not a natural move for anyone. But it has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done - being able to step back and observe the company running itself and the team really taking ownership and pride in what we are achieving. Everyone is an essential cog in the system and they’re all doing their bit,” Alex says.

This means Alex is focusing solely on quoting and working on various automation initiatives. He is also the main point of contact for our new customers’ engineering requirements for scoping and prototyping.

The impact of the restructuring has been significant for our team, with the promotion of Owen Young to Production Manager, and John van Beek to Machining Manager. They join Quality Officer, Jonathan Storm, and Commercial Director, Sarah Ramsay, along with new team members Eldin Seferovic and Thomas Leahy.

We have removed ‘key person’ reliance in the company and shifted everyone into roles where they are most suited, and most importantly - most happy. This has seen our culture grow even stronger, and our productivity has risen significantly. Commercial Director, Sarah Ramsay says the restructure was important for the company.

“It’s been great for the team to have Alex out from behind the desk and on the floor. It’s also been fantastic to see staff such as Owen, John and Jonathan step up in their development. It’s the first step in improving our scalability and sustainability because we now have a business operating without key person risk and with a leadership team.”

United Machinists has also increased operating hours. Our nightshifts are now four days a week (Monday to Thursday), from 7 am to midnight. This has allowed us to double our production and focus the evening shift on longer run production work. And we thought we were efficient – you should see us now!

As part of our vision, Owen and John are also training in leadership skills, which will boost the development of our young company as they communicate, plan and inspire our teams.

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