United Machinists is Otago’s most fully equipped CNC milling and turning machine shop. While production manufacturing is our core focus, we really enjoy prototyping and being part of the journey to launch a new product to market. Our quality speaks for itself, we are the trusted go to machine shop for some of the country’s top high tech, high value exporters.

As a family owned business from Dunedin, we’ve been careful to bring on new talent that sees our industry the way we do: experienced operators and ambitious apprentices keen to raise the bar. We’re thinking engineers, and it shows.

We’ve grown a lot in the last 40 years, and expanded hugely in the last five, investing in new machinery and new people. New systems have also come into play, bringing broad gains in efficiency and competitiveness, while pushing us to the forefront of the industry.

Our relationships have always been at the heart of our operation. We’re open with our clients, because we know that good communication is the surest way to the best product. Our clients speak for themselves as they are spread all over New Zealand, including Queenstown, Christchurch and Auckland. Then there’s our responsiveness: we’re known for quick turnarounds and flexibility, because we understand that timeliness can make the difference.

Ultimately, we care more, we see ourselves as part of our client’s businesses and we know the job needs to get done - no matter what.