You spend too many hours at work not to enjoy what you do – at United Machinists the whole crew is passionate about engineering production. “It’s the challenge of making what you get as just a drawing and turning it into a reality that really drives us” says Alex Ramsay, Managing Director.

Technology is only as powerful as the people driving it. United Machinists’ advantage comes from expert programmers and operators, whose experience and invention allows us to draw the absolute highest performance from our machines.

Programming is the heart of every smart CNC operation. If you’re looking for strong R&D support, you want a swift and cost-effective prototyping process – so you can test your components quickly. We are renowned for finding the most efficient production process for your designs, and the quickest path to market. This applies for all of the machining we do on site regarding our milling, turning, lathing and prototyping.




Born with a spanner in his hand, Alex grew up in the workshop, helping his father in the weekends from the age of 6. Having trained in New Zealand and travelled and worked in Germany (a country known for its meticulous attention to detail), he knows how to get the best from his machines and his crew.

Alex has a knack for making his workshop set up’s deliver in the most efficient way, so you can be assured that if there is a better way to do something he will find it.

Life’s an adventure for Alex, those who know him well know he makes a hobby of having hobbies, and he takes this philosophy into his work day too, he particularly enjoys helping his clients with their product development prototypes.

Alex’s ability to understand your needs and adopt your passion for the project makes him a great guy to deal with and one you can trust to deliver everytime.