Those camera components we mentioned are for Shotover Camera Systems, based in Queenstown, New Zealand. They produce the best high performance stabilisation platforms for high velocity cinematography. Think X-Men – Days of Future Past, Transformers 4, car chases and fight scenes on top of a train, basically anything that moves! To help Shotover deliver unsurpassed quality in fast paced film, we work collaboratively with them to bring their designs to life. As their components are quite complex, production set up requires some unconventional thinking to ensure we can work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

“United’s detailed approach to project management, utilising KanBanFlow, makes my job so much easier”, says Angus Small, Supply Chain Manager at Shotover, “I just login from my desk to see where any of the jobs are at and I can add or edit to our project board as required.”

“I’m sure countless hours of work behind the scenes goes on to meet our deadlines”, says Brad Hurndell, Shotover’s General Manager, “we often request some pretty tight timeframes!”

Brad continues, “United’s state of the art machinery and constant pursuit for excellence means once we hand over designs to Alex, we can rely on him to get the job done, on time and to the highest standards.”

While Shotover Cameras are helping film ‘real adventures’, we’re excited about helping them along the way.