United Machinists’ advantage comes from expert programmers and operators, whose experience and invention allows us to draw the absolute highest performance from our machines. Our approach to efficiency is simple: More is better. At every stage, our processes streamline, support and speed-up production, whether we’re introducing next-generation CAD/CAM software, enhancing the performance of our machines, or making job progress more visible to clients.

With the purchase of our newest milling machines, we have adopted the TopSolid CAD/CAM software system – a commercial first for New Zealand, bringing gains in programming efficiency, machine optimisation and a range of ‘smart’ touches custom designed for our growing body machines.

We are constantly looking for ways to lift the productivity of our plant through advanced LEAN manufacturing and production processes. Our KANBAN scheduling system gives total visibility over production to clients, who can see and comment on jobs in progress. Recently, we have also implemented Global Shop, an enterprise resource planning software. The software has allowed us to streamline our processes and have greater visibility of workflow, enabling us to both increase our capacity and improve our scheduling – ultimately leading to better turnaround times and customer service.

Beyond this, we foster a culture of collaboration, encouraging our programmers and operators to contribute to improvements in machining processes, scheduling, machine enhancements and workshop setup.


Investment in new machinery is critical to staying on top in the manufacturing industry. Having purchased five new CNC machines in the last five years, our plant is world-class, bringing some truly impressive ‘smart gains’ in manufacturing capacity. In early 2016, the addition of a UMC 750 Haas 5 Axis Machining Centre brought a quantum leap in our ability to bring even the most complex designs to life swiftly, at exceptionally competitive prices.


• UMC750 Haas 5-axis Machining Center

• VF2ss Haas 4-axis Machining Center

• VF3 Haas 4-axis Machining Center

• MDC500 4-axis Twin Pallet Machining Center

• Doosan LM180 3-axis Lathe

• Super Quick Turn 15M Mazak 3-axis Lathe

Support machines

• PRO1000 Hartford Machining Center

• VMC850 Maximart Machining Center

• TC-20 Takisawa Lathe


Our focus on workplace safety has produced a near perfect incident record. As we continue to improve our systems, investment in cutting edge machinery has brought further gains in user safety.